Top 5 Judo Throws Ever Seen in MMA!

      Judo has a bad status when it comes to MMA. It always seems to place second after BJJ when it comes to the martial art that people want to train to increase their ability in self-defense and MMA. However Judo has been a major part of MMA for years and its athletes have enjoyed good levels of success in MMA.

       Did you know that Judo players have?

– Held a UFC World Title (Ronda Rousey)

– Defeated 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt and ADCC Silver medalist (karo Parysian win over Matt Serra)

– Defeated not one but three UFC Champions (athletes who either were or would be champions) Hidehiko Yoshida Defeated Don Frye and Royce Gracie, Karo Parysian Defeated Matt Serra.

– Finalist of the Ultimate Fighter Competition

– Reached the semifinals of not one but two UFC Tournament’s (Remco Pardoel UFC 2, Brian Johnston UFC 10)

– Won a UFC Tournament (Oleg Taktarov UFC 6)

– Defeated in the UFC Nick Diaz, a BJJ black belt and MMA champion (Karo Parysian)

Now as if this wasn’t enough I have put together 5 GIFS below that show case the true power of Judo in MMA!

1- Rick Hawn- Judo Olympian


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