Teddy Riner – The Preparation of World Class Judo Champion

        Teddy Riner, champion of the world, unveils the slides of its training with the help of his coach, Benoit Campargue.

        “I want teddy to stay an athlete. “

        For Benoît Campargue it is essential that teddy relies on a real base of physical work. If the share of it decreases throughout the year, it remains constantly present. An essential continuity both for its health and for the maintenance of tone and its main quality.

Health and foundations

        “The first goal is health. Judo is a fighting sport, of opposition, which often causes injuries. The injury cancels all the benefits of the training. A serious physical base reduces the risks. We proceed as for building a house: we first build the foundations, and then we can stack things. “


        “i want teddy to stay an athlete. He needs a lot of mobility, and therefore he has to stay active on the cardio-vascular plan so that his technical quality is good, that his gesture is right, whatever the difficulty of the phase of combat. He has opponents of 160 kg who do not have the same facilities. I want him to have the physical abilities of an 80 kg athlete. “


Sleep priority

        For Benoît Campargue, sleep remains a major focus of teddy’s preparation.


        “This is the moment when the machine regenerates itself. Lack of sleep is paid for by injuries. For a sportsman, a good night is 8 hours minimum. Of course, you can go out at night, get some fresh air from time to time, but you have to catch up on the following nights.”

To go to bed early

        “It’s important, even if you’re in a late-night society, and sometimes it’s difficult for an athlete to have a different pace from the rest of the world. Getting up early to sleep at night is essential.”

Video games and Internet

        “After midnight, video games and the internet have a negative effect on sleep. High-level athletes are sometimes seriously affected by these addictions.”


        “A nap of 30 minutes after eating is ideal. Teddy sleeps an hour, and i keep his schedule running.”

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